3 Digital Marketing Trends That Will Shape 2017

3 Digital Marketing Trends That Will Shape 2017

 Another year has gone by and that means another year to look forward to, and all the changes that come with it. No matter what industry you’re in, the dawn of a new year means the beginning of new trends to watch out for, and this is especially true when it comes to digital marketing.

 Already moving at a break-neck pace, with new updates and techniques arriving almost daily, the realm of digital marketing and SEO can be hard to keep up with. Get a head start this year with our guide on digital marketing trends to watch out for in 2017, that way you can enter the new year confident in your businesses SEO and digital marketing strategies.

  1. Expanded Text Ads

Google Ads are going to change come 2017, and in some pretty major ways. The change, dubbed Expanded Text Ads, is fairly simple to understand: Google is basically expanding the text limits available to advertisers when creating an ad.

Already available to advertisers, ETAs will become the mandatory format for ads on Google by early 2017, so you might as well get to know them right now. To give you some specifics, ETAs have several defining features.

 The most important are the added second headline offered to ads and an expanded description line. So, unlike a standard text ad, an ETA will have two 30-character headlines and one larger 80-character description.

 By offering another headline and giving more space for descriptions, Google is providing advertisers with some new marketing tools. And you’d better get on testing the new ad-format now, so that you have some concrete data on what works best for your campaigns.

  1. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs)

 In an effort to make the user experience more streamlined on mobile devices, Google has introduced Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs) to website operators. With a few small changes, the AMP format makes loading times near-nonexistent on mobile devices (or, up to 4x faster) and will use a fraction of the data available to a mobile plan.

Any sight marked with a small little lightning bolt is AMP-approved, something you’ve no doubt noticed already. That’s probably because Google has already started giving increased visibility to websites that have already made the switch to AMP, and you can rest assured that will only continue in 2017.

  1. Preference For “Content Density”

Everyone is sick of those 200-word pieces of content that are meant to be clickbait or just placeholders for keywords, including Google. There have been rumblings that Google is finally going to do something to help users avoid useless “fluff” content and bring them to longer-form, useful articles, or those that meet a specific amount of “content density.”

As of now, however, Google seems to only be giving a visibility boost to articles that are extremely long, like in-depth guides on a specific topic. Expect this to change in 2017, as Google creates a system that meets a happy middle between extremely short filler content and the far-too-long-for-anyone-too-read informational guides.

But more than just trying to meet a specific word-length, an effort should be made to provide new and useful content to users, rather than just regurgitating the same stuff found across the web.

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