8 Redmi Note 3, MiUi 7 Tips & Tricks, Hidden Features, Hacks

8 Redmi Note 3, MiUi 7 Tips & Tricks, Hidden Features, Hacks

The new smartphone giant, Xiaomi has taken the Indian market by a storm. With the release of its widely popular Redmi Note 3 in & Mi max in India a few weeks back, Indians are already lining up to get their hands on this phone. Its features and performance have not witnessed any grievances as of yet. It also incorporates the latest MiUi version in addition to Android 5.1.1. The MI UI 7 looks cool and sturdy and provides a lot of customization options to its users. MIUI is the latest version of Xiaomi’s OS. Let’s look at the unique features that Xiaomi has put in as an improvement over its previous versions.

  1. Provision of XXL Text

MiUi 7 provides extra font sizes in addition to the regular small, medium and large sizes. It goes upto XXL. There are 6 different custom font sizes to choose from; this feature has been included keeping in mind all ages and categories of customers. The MI Note 3 is perfectly convenient for those with extremely weak eyes. To configure the font size to the desired value, go to Settings -> Text Size and select the size that suits your eyes the best.

  1. Filter Service Messages and Promotional Ads

Are you flooded with text messages from your service provider and other companies day in and day out? This is a common problem faced by most smartphone users. It transpires into a big hassle to browse, sort and delete these messages. MiUi 7 provides a Smart SMS filter that will filter all your text messages and group all these messages under folders. To enable this extremely useful smart filter, go to Settings -> System Apps -> Messaging -> enable Notifications group.

  1. Keep Your Phone Safe from Children

Kids are always curious to get their hands on a smartphone and try out apps. It is impossible to keep an eye on them all the time. They may tamper with your phone and cause damage to your phone or work by their carelessness. Hence, it’s always advisable to keep your phone out of children’s reach. Xiaomi’s MIUI 7 has a dedicated child lock feature. This feature blocks portions of your phone to the prying eyes of a child. To configure the Child Mode in your MiUi, select Settings ->Child Mode. To quit the Child mode, simply click on the close button and unlock the screen using your pattern or password.

  1. Use the Single Handed UI

A 5.5-inch screen is not amongst the biggest phones in the market. It certainly isn’t difficult to operate a 5.5-inch phone but may turn out to be uncomfortable for people with small hands. Xiaomi’s MiUi 7 offers you the option to enable single hand UI which works amazingly. This feature offers three screen sizes to choose from – 3.5 inches, 4 inches, and 4.5 inches. To enable the single handed UI, go to Settings -> Additional Settings -> One-handed mode.

  1. Exclusive Reading Mode for those who read

Extended exposure of eyes to smartphone or tablet screens, especially when the surroundings are dark, may be harmful to the eyes. Keeping in mind the needs of its varied range of customers, MIUI 7 has included the Reading Mode in Redmi Note 3. The Reading Mode changes the screen colour to a more soothing version for the eyes so that there is minimum or no stress to the eyes even if you’re reading from your mobile screen in the dark. The Reading Mode can be enabled from the pull-down notification panel, or you can go to Settings -> Display -> Reading Mode. Reading mode has a lot of customization options with different apps.

  1. Arrange the Toggles

This feature lets you position your quick action toggles as per your wishes. Go to Settings -> Notifications -> Toggle Positions –>press and hold a toggle and move it to its desired position. Turn Off System Animations and Improve Battery and CPU Performance. MIUI 7 lets you decide which system animations or functions you want to keep running and which you want to stop momentarily. This not only reduces battery consumption but also makes the CPU operate faster.

  1. Customize Notification LED

Redmi Note 3 provides customizable LED lights for you to distinguish between actions and notifications. To customize the LED notification lights, select Settings -> Additional Settings -> Notification light. You can enable/disable the notification lights here. With these right-on-track features, Xiaomi’s Redmi Note 3 is already experiencing surging sales throughout the Asian continent.

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