How To Access iOS 10’s Secret Night Vision Mode

How To Access iOS 10’s Secret Night Vision Mode

Star-gazers and night vision aficionados, it’s time to rejoice, because you’re about to learn how to access a “hidden” night vision mode on your Apple iPhone. Yes, that’s right, gone are the days of the harsh white light of your smartphone ruining your night capturing the beauty of the night sky or blinding you while wearing a night vision device.

Through a fairly simple switch of basic iPhone settings, anyone can achieve this iOS 10 night vision mode. In truth, to call this a dedicated “mode” or even “hidden” is a bit of a stretch, but changing the light emitted by your iPhone isn’t exactly obvious, either.

Changing your iPhone into night vision mode really only involves modifying the device’s display setting, which is a fairly simple process. Still, the effects are pretty darn useful.

By going through the required steps, one can set a dominate red tint to an iPhone’s display screen. The colour overlay will filter any light emitted by the iPhone to be dark red, the hue needed for a pseudo “night vision dark mode.”

So, no matter what app or function you’re using on your phone, all the normally-white-and-bright colours that make it difficult to see at night will be made into a deep red.

Astronomers will enjoy this, as an iPhone’s screen will no longer disrupt the clarity of the night sky. The same goes for anyone using night vision tech, since an iPhone in night vision mode won’t be a blinding source of white light. Heck, even someone simply checking their phone while at the movies will appreciate this setting, as no one will get annoyed by the light of the screen.

Getting to iOS 10’s dark mode is a pretty easy process. First, head to the Settings app. From there, click on General and then Accessibility. Display Accessibility (under the “Vision” subgroup within Accessibility) comes next, followed by heading to Color Filters.

You’ll then have to enable Color Filters and then hit Color Tint. Lastly, you’ll have to choose red as a hue (slide the knob all the way to the right) then blast up the intensity all the way. And there you have it, a dark red night vision colour mode that can be switched off just by hitting the Color Filters button again.

If you want to establish an even easier shortcut, once you have all the above steps finished, go back a few screens to the Accessibility page. Scroll to the bottom and head to Accessibility Shortcut. Click on Color Filters next and now you’ll be able to enable the dark red color overlay anytime you hit the home button three times.

And there you have it, an incredibly easy way to make any iPhone into a night vision-friendly device!

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