6 Software Solutions to Improve your Business

6 Software Solutions to Improve your Business

Businesses managers are forced to try various solutions in order to help the business stay competitive and stand out from the crowd. Those solutions often include new methods that speed up the production process. The new trends in the marketing industry that include advertising across all channels are also helpful in the new global market situations. For instance, digital marketing has become “The Thing” in the business world in the last couple of years.

Thanks to the rapid developments in software industry there are many new software solutions that can be integrated in almost every aspect of business. These solutions are focused on increasing the speed of specific business processes, increasing accuracy and efficiency. Documents can now be stored in the cloud base data storage servers, leaving the offices clean. All of the company’s documentation can now be accessed in very short time and from whatever location.

There are a lot of software solutions out there. Many of them can be tailor-made to meet the specific requirements of your business. This is why it is recommended to go through business software reviews and make yourself familiar with offered features that can help you improve your business.

We have put together this list of some business apps that both have great potential and are very easy to use.

Business Intelligence Software

It is exactly how it sounds. This software is a powerful tool that helps companies better understand business and sales metrics and to accurately predict performance in the future. It is also a tool that cuts down on expenses in many fields and helps its users spot and act on new business opportunities.

Let’s quickly go through specifics. This software collects all the information from a company’s apps, devices and server logs, compiles it into a big chunk of data and gives the user the opportunity to search and uncover information that can be used to transform the business.

It also enhances digital presence of the company by allowing managers to personalize and target the online experience. This is very useful for online retailers. The end results are reduced costs and increased number of average sales per employee.

Business intelligence software provides a user with all the information that is needed to efficiently go through the decision-making process in real-time.

Business Performance Management

Business performance managements software tools are used  heavily in finance departments by accountants and consultants. This software will replace all those spreadsheets juggled via email between company’s accountants.

By having an easy access to spreadsheet employees have more time to focus on other important tasks. Also, this tool is an excellent way to monitor performance information. This way it is easier to make on-the-fly adjustments. Having a proactive rather than reactive finance department is very important in the volatile market as it is today.

With the feedback via reports this tool provides valuable information that can be easily shared throughout all departments. These key business metrics can be presented visually in order to get easier insight and faster comprehension. This is especially important in big enterprises where data rapidly changes.

On top of that, built in notification system can be set to alert any manager and let him/her know of significant variances from expected results. These notifications can be sent via email or be setup to highlight any discrepancies or abbreviations in reports.

Business Process Management Software

In order to stay competitive in the intense competition of today’s economy, the business process has to be perfected. Thanks to development of this software this sensitive process can be improved with much less effort than it took with the legacy management system.

This software tool helps leaders and companies improve the performance by enhancing analysis, making sure that company has proper product design, controlling and adjusting the business process as necessary. During the process managers are able to redefine tasks of its process users and manage to stay on track even if the process has to be stopped to implement some changes. This opportunity is especially beneficial for companies that have to adapt quickly to the new terms of the marketplace.

This software also allows real-time monitoring of business process execution. With the access to live data being generated during the process, you can eradicate bottlenecks and have operational costs reduced in a very short period of time. Also, by tracking and allocating resources the company that uses this software can avoid wastage.

Customary evaluation is another great feature of BPM software. Identifying underlying problems decreases inefficiency.

Business VoIP Software

There are many advantages of VoIP service. And it is not by any chance that many businesses, especially the small ones, are frequently opting for this solution. The most common options are remote operation, call forwarding, call waiting, voicemail and toll-free numbers. But there are some other really useful features that most of the business owners or managers know about.

VoIP is an excellent choice for any manager that has to handle virtual teams. Conferencing with VoIP services is very easy and there are some really handy features that come with it. You can set up a conference floor monitor and manage invitations or mute individuals if necessary. This is why this tool is very popular for online conferences.

Another great benefit is having an auto attendant. This comes as a standard feature of almost all premium VoIP services. Auto attendant allows callers to go through a menu and choose the extension they need. Voicemail to email transcription transcribes voicemails to text and sends them to email that you choose. This feature also helps you easily go through voicemails, delete them, or organize them however you prefer.

VoIP services are a great opportunity for companies with large customer support departments. This service cannot save the costs and improve efficiency. Since it is very simple to use, onboarding new employees is not complicated. Some VoIP service providers have two very useful features that can be used in training new customer support agents.

Those are whisper and barge. Barge feature allows you to listen to a conversation between client and employee without interrupting it. On the other hand, whisper allows you to provide tips, information and advice to your support agent while they are on the line with client without the client hearing any of it.

Customer Relationship Management Software

Forming and maintaining good relationships with customer has become an inseparable part of any business plan. Maintaining business growth and staying competitive are tightly bound to positive customer relations.

This software helps the managers to have insight of all areas of customer interactions. It also helps managing contacts, monitoring a marketing campaign, handling customer service and setting appointments.

Reporting tools are standard features of CRM software and they are used to spot patterns and identify trends. With this information at your disposal managers will be in control of customer engagement.

Tracking projects is also a feature built-in CRM platform. It helps managers be aware of deadlines, appointments and other time sensitive tasks. This feature can be also used to personalize offers for customer. For instance, you can insert a customer’s birthdate and make custom offer or discount for them on their special day.

CRM is an excellent tool to keep track on sales representative team. Companies can track their effectiveness when it comes to nurturing leads and closing sales. With this information, managers will be able to reward the best ones and provide additional training for sales reps who are currently underperforming.

Custom Mobile App for your Business

Mobile market has been exponentially growing for the past few years. There are almost 3.5 billion active users of the internet, and 51% of them are mobile users. This information became a huge incentive for companies to have an online presence focusing on mobile device apps and websites.

Mobile apps can be used for variety of things. For instance, you can have them provide general information, prices, search and messenger features, news feeds, schedule appointments etc.  Not only will the users be more in contact with your business by looking at the icon on the phone several times a day, but you can also use this app as part of a marketing strategy.

The notification feature is extremely interesting for businesses that have online stores. Users can use the app to make their purchases and the app can also notify them whenever there is some special deal, sale or offer. Having a mobile app is also a way to stay close with your customers and this can help build a true and sincere connection with them.

As you can see business software solutions cover every aspect of any business, and they are not that hard to use. Every of the management platform has a really simple user interface and easily accessible features that don’t require any previous IT knowledge.

In case this subject interests you, feel free to go online and look at a few more articles that cover the same topic. There is an abundance of business software solutions, so take your time to decide which one will be the most beneficial for your business.

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