Top Features of Apple’s IPhone X

If you have been following the cell phone technology markets lately then you will have likely heard about the release of Apple’s new flagship device, the iPhone X.

Referring to the 10 year anniversary, the iPhone X brings with it a range of flagship features, many of which we will delve into below.

Improved Web Browsing

One feature which didn’t receive as much marketing spotlight as many of the other features is a faster browser. Utilizing Apple’s new processors, the Safari browser included in iOS 11 includes numerous improvements. Matched with the screen (more on this below), browsing sites like the Groupon Coupons page for Hotwire to book flights and vacations will become a much richer experience.

An Almost Bezel-Less Display

While Apple’s marketing department is very focused on selling the iPhone X’s display as bezel-free, it is important to realize that, while close, isn’t entirely true.

To fit in the sensors and cameras required for the phone to function, a small notch area has been placed at the top of the screen. While not a bezel, it isn’t the full-screen display marketing staff would have you believe.

Face ID

If you love security then you are going to love this feature. Apple is touting the feature as Face ID, and it works just as you the name suggests. By registering your face in a brief process your phone becomes unlockable only be your face. More importantly, however. When your eyes are open and you are paying attention.

As you can imagine, this prevents people from simply holding your phone up to your face and accessing its contents.

Of course, the system isn’t foolproof, with the option of entering your pin-code or your password still being a solid backup.


If you love Snapchat filters then you will enjoy Animoji. Using the aforementioned suite of cameras and sensors, Animoji is a selection of adorable emoji which replicate your facial expression.

Using your voice, your phone captures a small video of your face replacing your features with an emoji. Or, an animoji. While it might seem a little gimmicky at the time, the technology which powers it will likely soon be opened up to developers allowing them to utilize the features for any number of app uses.

No Home Button

That’s right! The removal of the bottom bezel means that there isn’t any room for a home button. And unlike the majority of Android counterparts moving theirs to the back of the phone, the iPhone X eschews the home button entirely. Instead, the phone is operated entirely using its touchscreen and gestures. Want to get to the home screen? Simply swipe up.

When it comes to cell phone technology, Apple has always been ahead of the pack and the iPhone x is no exception to this rule. However, the addition of these features doesn’t mean that your current iPhone becomes obsolete, with many users preferring to wait until the first-year teething problems have been worked out.

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